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Child Welfare in Europe

In many Western European countries, but not in the Netherlands, all child welfare services are coordinated and offered at the local level. However in the years to come the Dutch child welfare system will be decentralised and transformed. Inspiration for the new Dutch child welfare system can be found in the Netherlands’ neighbouring countries. The Netherlands Youth Institute therefore outlined the child welfare systems of Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden in its report 'Jeugdzorg in Europa versie 2.0' ('Child welfare in Europe, version 2.0').

The final chapter of this report was translated into English and was published as an article under the name 'Child welfare in Europe'. That article pdf thus compares and contrasts the child welfare system of The Netherlands to these systems in Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden. It provides an overview of relevant developments in the child welfare sector in these countries.

Last modified: 10 January 2013.